martes, abril 12, 2005

Shitty English Lessons By Ferguson

Argh me he tirado media hora para escribir un email a una compañía que dudo mucho q me responda, así que lo dejo aquí para que al menos perdure, y de paso me corrijáis los fallos que haya podido tener.
Extraido del "Ferguson's Royal Book of Behaviour":

Thank you for reply so fast!

Well, my domain is and the username is tampocooslodigo (I will not tell you the password of course! ;). I used the information given in your page about configuration of WS_FTP. But first I've changed my hosting configuration (it was "Parked2 and now is "Free web site" as you can see in the "Change Hosting Type" tab). After that I tried to connect ftp via WS_FTP and I couldn't, so I used the IP Direction of my site with success. Then I uploaded a file called index.htm to the root of my site. I went to my site using the Internet Explorer and I only could see your banner " is under construction" and all your search categories. Then I uploaded the file index.html (and index.htm, later) to the "" directory (the folder with this name, I mean). But it wasn't a solution, because I only can see your standard page about the construction of my web with your company logo too. Finally I want to say that when I upload a file to the root directory of my site and send the "ls" command I only receive that there aren't any files in the directory, even if I sent a couple. But in the directory called "" the files are persistent, but I can't see them in the Iexplorer typing my url (and my friends cannot acces my web either)

Ok, I'll hope that you can understand me now. And, one more time, sorry about my english.

Thank you!

Hala, y aquí termina otra de las fabulosas aventuras de Ferguson.

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