martes, febrero 20, 2007

Alter Ego (I): Infancia

He empezado a jugar a Alter Ego.

Alter Ego es un juego en modo texto. De estos que te dicen: "Estás en una casa con una espada y hay un dragón ¿Qué haces?"
a) Pides una pizza
b) Apruebas el examen de conducir.

La diferencia de este juego es que no matas monstruos ni eres un soldado genéticamente modificado que mata prostitutas con un una Espada Maestra en un reino de champiñones.

En este juego vives tu vida. Desde que naces, hasta que mueres. Está dividida en 7 etapas. Se empieza saliendo del útero, después de contestar una tanda de preguntas sobre tu psicología y esas mieldas.

Cada día jugaré una etapa de mi (ficticia) vida.

Let's rock.

Día uno: mi infancia. He ganado puntos sociales por hacer ruiditos. He ganado puntos de inteligencia por mover el sonajero. Mi pececito ha muerto y lo he guardado en el cajón. Oh Gabriella, por qué no te mueves! Me he pegado un calambrazo con el secador. He intentado hacerme amigo de otro bebé y le he metido el dedo en el ojo. He vomitado en casa de los padres de un amiguito.

He hecho un montón de cosas.

El resultado:

You have just passed through INFANCY. A brief look at your life up to this time shows the following:

Your family life has been:
Positive and nurturant, and as a result you have begun to form the critical bonds that are important during this phase of life.

Physically you have been:
A healthy baby.

Socially, during this phase in life, nothing much is really expected of you. After all, you're still much too young to throw a successful cocktail party, and frankly, anyone who still dribbles on himself probably wouldn't make the ideal dinner guest. However, by now there are some things you should have mastered. Your progress in this area shows:

You have been the type of child who charms the lollipops off people. You have been the type of child who is huggable and gets his cheeks pinched by old ladies with bright red lipstick.

Now, regarding your emotional and personality development...

You are a fairly trustworthy little boy, making your share of exploratory excursions into the world of the unknown and forbidden (the bathroom and under the kitchen sink).

Your folks could trust you in most cases, but when all of the chocolates have one bite taken out of them, it is a fair guess whose teethmarks have made those jagged impressions.

Your Thoughtfulness characteristic really doesn't count for much in this module. Most children often find themselves at the mercy of their whims and impulses. You are allowed to be cranky now. People will tolerate it much better than when you are a teen-ager. Then your whining and carrying on will seem more objectionable.

You are a gentle baby, one of those adorable little kids that learns to give kisses at an early age and knows how to "make nice." This helps you along socially now. Fifteen years or so from now, you are going to keep a closer tab on those hot lips, but for now anyone is fair game.

People will love you so much, they won't even mind when you leave them with all of those contagious childhood coughs and colds kids have a tendency to spread.

That wraps up your status for the first module. I hope you like yourself. If not, you can always try to improve yourself in the modules to come. There's plenty of time.



Occupation: (NONE)
Relationship status: UNATTACHED

Familial: 90
Intellectual: 98
Physical: 68
Social: 97
Vocational: 50

Calmness: 41
Confidence: 88
Expressiveness: 77
Gentleness: 68
Happiness: 72
Thoughtfulness: 61
Trustworthiness: 66

Money: 1119
Income per turn: 0
Thoughtless spending per turn: 0

Acquisitions: (NONE)

Mañana: Niñez.

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